While there is some debate as to whether WA State is actually in a full-fledged drought, many irrigation districts are taking precautions anyway.

 Kennewick Irrigation District releases voluntary residential watering grid

Some agricultural experts are saying despite lower snowpack and some rapid melting, there are other indicators that we might have more water than first thought, but officials are not taking changes.

KID has posted a suggested watering schedule for their residential customers, which is based on the last number of your street address. If your home ends in 1 or 5, for example, you have certain times when they suggest you water.

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All of the windows are strongly suggested to be 20 minutes. This allows for good coverage but will not waste water.  We all have that neighbor who leaves their sprinkler on for 2 hours, and sometimes turns the edge of your yard into a marsh.



For more details on the watering situation from KID, click here. 

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