The mystery of the "The Bradford Batman" has been solved.

And let's just say it's not as exciting as it could've been.

Last week wanted criminal Danny Frayn was deposited in a police station in Bradford, England by a man dressed as the Caped Crusader. Before the authorities had the chance to thank the costumed vigilante for bringing in Frayn, the masked man disappeared into the night.

The cops were, however, able to get a video of the incident and once it hit the internet the Bradford Batman became an instant sensation. Now 39-year-old Stan Worby has stepped forward as the masked man and reveals it was all part of prank pulled by Frayn, who Worby is good friends with.

Basically what happened is Worby returned from a soccer match he had attended dressed as Batman. Since Frayn, who is facing charges of burglary and fraud, knew he had to turn himself into police he figured it would be funny if Worby then brought him in while still wearing the costume.

Worby says he's fine with all the jokes that have been made about his physique, which is much thicker around the stomach than the way Batman is usually drawn. But he also insists he was wearing a full tracksuit under the costume, which made him look chubbier than he really is.

He concedes this will likely be his only foray into "crime fighting," although if Frayn or another one of his friends needs to turn themselves in in the future he says he always has the Batsuit in his closet.

But for now he's going back to his regular job as a food delivery guy. Which is kind of like being a  superhero for really hungry people.

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