More details coming out about Aurora shooter.

24 year old James Holmes, the accused shooter,  reportedly told police he was The "Joker".    Authorities say he purchased a ticket to the Batman Premiere, then propped the back door open before exiting the theater; then returning for his rampage.    Holmes had reportedly dyed his hair to look like the Joker, one of the fictional bad guys in the Batman series.   The death toll now stands at 12,  with at least 51 more injured.     Police continue to work through Holmes apartment, through the sophisticated booby traps set up by the former PhD. student.  

 He surrendured to police moments after the attack ended, and is set to be arrainged Monday.  Over 100 FBI officers are working in the investigative and CSI duties at the scene.  Police see no initial evidence of terrorism or plots, and believe Holmes was working completely alone.

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