Forever home sought for Cody the 'tough' dog (WRPD)
Forever home sought for Cody the 'tough' dog (WRPD)

Cody is one tough dog, say the animal control handlers.

 Dog survives amputation surgery, now search for home continues

A short time ago, we told you about Cody, a stray dog who was found and turned over to Animal Rescue in West Richland. Cody was found to have had an older injury to one of his legs, and now it's been amputated.  When he was found, he was considered a stray, homeless dog.

However, the latest report is he came through fine, and work has begun on finding him a forever home. He was x-rayed and doctors determined the injury to the bone was too severe to fix. West Richland Police have released a short video of Cody ambling around shortly after his survery.

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Animal Control says he's one of the kindest but toughest dogs they've ever come across. Thanks to some donors, much of his medical costs have been covered. If you are interesting in helping with Cody, or finding him a forever home, call 509–967-7112.

Here is the video from WRPD of him making his way along, complete with the 'cone' post-surgery.

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