Despite having to re-deliberate due to a juror being dismissed, it only took the 12 people a few hours to find Joshua H. Hunt guilty. (Photo courtesy of KNDU-TV)


Hunt was found guilty of second-degree murder Tuesday morning by the jury.  They were given several options, including first-degree, and first-degree manslaughter.   He had been charged originally with first-degree murder.   Second-degree murder implies intent to kill but not premeditation.

17-year-old Joshua Snapp died after he was shot three times and his body was left in a remote area outside of Richland last July 4th.  The 19-year-old Hunt claimed he was under the influence of drugs and alcohol at the time of the shooting.   His co-defendant, John C.I. Young told a Benton City convenience store worker he'd just seen a man (Snapp) get shot. His body was located shortly afterward by Richland police.

Prosecutors say Hunt wanted to kill Snapp because he thought he was a police informer and a thief. He believed Snapp was giving police information about the local drug scene.  Hunt admitted shooting Snapp but claimed the alcohol and drugs cause him to not realize what he was doing until it was too late. Hunt's attorney claimed his client had diminished reasoning ability due to drug use.   No word was given if Hunt's attorney plans to appeal,  the case will now head to the sentencing phase.

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