Don't be shy, there is only one place in Washington State where you could legally be naked in public and you won't have to worry about the neighbors.  

Does Washington State Allow Public Nudity?

I was surprised to discover the difference in nudity laws between Washington and Oregon. Oregon for the most part allows public nudity unless it's part of a commercial venture or sexual in nature. Seattle doesn't discourage public nudity and has a few clothing-optional and top free events but doesn't really cater to social nudity 24/7



Oregon does prohibit public nudity in some parts of the state like Portland and Eugene but Oregon law really refers to the genitals and not going topless. Men and women are allowed to go topless in the state of Oregon according to a Wikipedia entry

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There Is One Nudist Park In Washington That Is Family-Friendly

In Washington State, it's a whole different story. I guess in Washington State we are the prudes next door compared to Oregon.

If you so desire, there is at least one place in Washington where you could let it all hang out if you'd like and it's family-friendly as well.

Lake Bronson Club is a family nudist park in Sultan Washington. According to their website, it's the Northwest's largest year-round clothing-free recreational campground.


At the campground, you can swim, boat, hike, explore and join activities and events.

The park is just 40 miles northeast of Seattle. It offers camping spots and RVs plus it has cabins and rooms to rent.

What Other Clothing-Optional Camps Are There In Washington State?

There is one other camp listed in Washington that allows a clothing-free option. Triangle Recreation Camp caters to 21+ and is only seasonal and is currently closed for the winter season. You can read more details about that camp here.

If you have ever thought about a nudist camp and being a nudist, I'm sure the Lake Bronson Club would be able to answer all of your questions. You can check out more details on the camp here. 

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