Even though my kids have played Kennewick National Youth Baseball, this is a pathetic crime, which only hurts kids, regardless of who the league is.

Tuesday afternoon, Kennewick police were alerted to a burglary in progress at the Kennewick American Youth Baseball complex on South Olympia. It's located a short distance from Yokes, and next to an elementary school.

Police found two suspects, 26-year-old Kelsey Sharp, and 45-year-old Lonny Barton, inside. They'd rummaged through the food concessions, stole candy, clothing and some electronics.

Fortunately, they got BUSTED!  And, perhaps as no surprise, they were both arrested for possession of narcotics. Here's hoping they do at least some significant time. When they're done, they should be required to mow the fields with a push-power only walk-behind mower under the watchful eye of authorities.

Kennewick American and Kennewick National are both Cal Ripken-Babe Ruth leagues, and do compete against each other. But to steal from ANY youth league really hits me and others hard. Parents, coaches, players, sponsors, and families work their fannies off to provide these sports, and you have to be pretty low to steal from them.  It's almost like stealing from a church.

Fortunately, the merchandise was recovered, much of intact, as KA and KN are finishing up their Inner City tournament and there are games scheduled there for tonight.


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