Remember the really old song "A Bicycle Built for Two?"

In this case, maybe it wasn't but Benton County Deputies discovered some unusual stuff while reporting to a report of a Monday break-in.

Deputies were dispatched to Karen Ave. in Benton City around 8:30AM for a report of an attempted burglary in progress.

The two reported suspects, a male and female, fled the scene just prior to Deputies arriving, but left behind some evidence: their "getaway bike."

Deputies say the bike was checked on and has been reported stolen in Benton County. Attempts are being made to reunite it with the rightful owner, maybe they can undo the modifications Deputies say have been made to it.

Suspects forgot their stolen getaway bike (BCSO)
Suspects forgot their stolen getaway bike (BCSO)

No, the suspects didn't install a second seat, but were in such a hurry to leave they left it behind. No word if the two showed up at the location of the attempted burglary riding on the bike together.

We're just waiting now for some perp to bail from a crime scene and leave their car behind---wait! That's already happened a time or two this year.


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