You've heard Paul Casey on Newstalk 870 for a number of years with his Out In Front and Growing Forward series.   If you're a business owner or manager, try this novel idea!

We bet you know somebody, or multiple people, who because so unhappy or fed up with their job, they eventually quit.   Many of them left because they felt management neither cared about their legitimate concerns, or never bothered to ask.

Many people won't speak up for fear of how their opinion will be received.   Sometimes this results in the loss of a valuable trusted employee.

Try this idea, if you're a manager or business owner.  Instead of the dreaded exit interview, which is virtually pointless since you're losing that worker, how about a stay interview?    Listen as Paul lays out an effective way to motivate and ensure that valuable employees will not only want to stay at your company, but will become even better workers.

Paul Casey can be reached at Growing Forward Services for individual and business leadership and life coaching training and advice.

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