Whether it's a barbershop in Snohomish, or a dog groomer in Tri-Cities, from tree service companies to others, the number of businesses who have 'revolted' against the Stay At Home shutdowns is well into the dozens, and some say well over at least 100 statewide.

That may not seem like much, but those are the ones we know about. MyNorthwest.com reports more and more business owners are re-opening in defiance of Gov. Inslee's orders--right under his nose. And, many other businesses have done 'soft' unadvertised re-opens.  Many Tri-City car washes quietly began washing nearly two weeks ago, well before their start up dates this week.

It's a little easier to re-open the further away from Olympia that you are, especially since given the evidence offered up in his press conferences, the Governor is only looking at and basing his 'science' on King-Snohomish and Pierce Counties.

But now, frustrated owners say they have to re-open now or risk financial ruin.According to MyNortrhwest.com, one tree trimmer, Peter Diaz, who runs Commercial and Home Expert Tree Service, told KING-5 TV "our livelihoods and freedoms are essential."  He also said "give me the fine. I'll burn it. then we'll take this to the Supreme Court of the United States."

Beauty salon and barbers are especially chafing to get open, many of them say they are already sanitary because of all the alcohol and cleaning measures they already have to employ just to cut and work with hair, beards and nails.

A number of gym owners are said to have banded together, including some who own franchises of national fitness clubs, and are pressuring Inslee to allow them to re-open in a few weeks as part of his "Phase 2."

Most business owners are grateful openings are beginning, but are concerned and frustrated they're going so slow, some say too slow to allow them to recover.

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