You may recall the plans to put a pot shop on an unincorporated parcel of land that is technically inside the West Richland City limits.

After several years of wrangling and challenges (including some from nearby neighbors) Nirvana Cannibis Company has opened in West Richland. The shop is legal, because although it's within city limits (where pot is illegal) it sits on unincorporated (county) land and pot business is legal in Benton County.

According to sources, the news of the shop is rapidly spreading and customers continue to flock to the store. Many say it's made their 'purchases' much easier as they used to have to drive nearly to Finley to visit Altitude, the other area pot store.

The store is located at 4950 Arena Road, and opened it's doors March 23rd with what's called a 'soft' (unadvertised) opening. Not sure if a widely publicized event is planned. To find out more about this, including reaction of neighbors, click on the button below.

New pot shop opens (Nirvana Cannibis-Facebook page)
New pot shop opens (Nirvana Cannibis-Facebook page)

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