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“The passage of I-976 underscores the ongoing need for comprehensive state tax reform, but in the short term we must clean up another mess that Tim Eyman has created for our state, our region, and our economy."

This is what King County Executive Dow Constantine described the imminent passing of I-976, the latest Tim Eyman effort to roll back taxes in Washington state.  According to KOMO-TV and other sources, the county plans to file a lawsuit challenging the Constitutionality of the initiative.

Not only does the initiative cap most vehicle car tabs at $30, it also revokes the ability of state and local governments to raise taxes  without voter approval. That's the part that especially rankles politicians and government officials.

Eyman fired back at officials by saying "We don't trust you, so you better regain our trust" when it comes to financial stewardship of citizen's tax dollars. Eyman also chimed in that in order to regain the public trust "maybe you shouldn't sue the voters that just said yes to the initiative."

Many officials have already begun to roll out statistics claiming how $30 car tabs and lost revenue will affect transportation projects and infrastructure, including public bus service. However, supporters of I-976 say such information is falling on deaf ears because taxpayers are tired of hearing how the state's transportation grid will collapse if they're approved.

This isn't the first time Washington voters have decidedly passed such reforms. At least 8 (including I-976) times over the last 35 plus years initiatives sponsored by Eyman and/or other activists before him have passed, lowering taxes, car tabs or prohibiting new taxes without voter approval. Each time within a few years, they were either overturned in court or reversed by the State Legislature, thwarting the voice of voters.

Ballots are expected to be continued to be counted for days, but officials admit I-976 will pass.

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