The family and I had a great weekend at Silverwood last week and I like that they now feature Sasquatch in their train ride.

As a fan of the world's greatest player of Hide And Seek, it was fun to see him included in the fun. 

As a member of several Bigfoot Facebook groups, I'm always keeping my eye out for any new sightings and recordings of "Squatch" and it looks like we have a new one.

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In a video posted in the group, we've got what seems to be a Sasquatch screaming.

The audio was recorded on September 25th, 2021 at around 2:15 a.m. Pacific Standard time in Snohomish County Washington according to a YouTube posting.

and several "experts" in the Bigfoot Facebook groups are speculating exactly what is happening during the audio.

Take a listen below:

Several experts in the group are speculating on what sounds we are hearing in this video and here are some of their opinions:

Rik Mikals

Here are a few more comments from the Bigfoot Group:

Lori Anderson commented:

Good Catch! Not coyotes! Female and male Squatch is my take on it.

Rob Parker wrote:

Where in Snohomish did this come from? It's very similar to recordings a friend of mine got and that he and I spent a couple of nights trying to catch up to them, just east of town and near where the original "Snohomish Scream" was recorded in 1978.

As you listen to the audio, what do you think it is? Do you think it's a Bigfoot or as others speculated maybe a coyote?

Only the woods and Sasquatch know for sure.

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