The Washington State Patrol continues to investigate a fatal car vs. motorcycle crash on Highway 397, or Chemical Drive. The crash occurred around 12:36 PM Monday (March 7).

Collision kills one person on Highway 397 Monday

Trooper Thorson, who is the Communications Director for the WSP for SE WA state, reported the collision between a vehicle and motorcycle near Cochran Road.

The WSP is handling the lead because the incident occurred on a state highway.

The location is about a half-mile north of Riverview HS on Highway 397.  Traffic was stopped in both directions for some time while investigators and EMS worked at the scene.

We don't yet know what led up to the collision or who the deceased person is. We also do not know if it was the rider or someone in the vehicle.

The Tri-City Herald is reporting at least one person in the car was taken to an area hospital for injuries.

We do expect more details as the investigation progresses.

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