It happens again and again, and yet people still do it.

We're referring to starting your vehicle on a cold winter morning (or at night even) and leaving it running to warm up--and not locking it!

Pasco police now say this kind of auto theft is again rising fast. Most police departments report it's one of the biggest reasons vehicles are taken. And now, there appears to be somewhat organized 'groups' of thieves. They go cruising around looking for unattended vehicles with the engines running.

Officers say early Wednesday morning a group of young men driving around in a baby blue four door Honda spotted a Subaru exactly like this one pictured, with the engine running in a Pasco neighborhood. Officers didn't give the address, but say one of the men jumped out of the Honda, into the Subaru, and sped off. The owner saw them from inside and gave chase but was too late.

So if you see a vehicle exactly like this with WA Plate NP11521 please call 911 immediately and report it.

Wouldn't hurt to invest in a remote starter either. These allow you to fire up your rig and still leave the doors locked.

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