Pasco Police are getting angry, and this will not end well.

The suspect who's accused of car prowling last Saturday showed up at the Pasco (again!) and Kennewick Walmart stores armed with 'newly' stolen cards.  Police said his name is Garrett (didn't specify how they found out his name) and he's accused of using stolen credit cards from a wallet taken from a Kennewick car late last Friday or early Saturday morning.  He and a female accomplice then used them at a variety of stores to buy gift cards last weekend.   Now, he's got more stolen property.

Police say there's enough evidence to say this is the same guy, right down to his neck tattoo.

Wednesday morning, Police say Garrett used another stolen card taken from a Richland car prowl Tuesday night.  He apparently used this card to buy more gift cards at both stores. Pasco police advise him the felonies are piling up, and the longer he waits the worse it will be for him if he doesn't turn himself in--before they catch him.

Anyone who may know Garrett is advised to call (509)-628-0333.  All leads can be confidential.

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