Aside from the media onslaught on President Trump, two other notable censorships occurred heading into the weekend.

The noted Facebook page #WalkAway founded by former self-described liberal Brandon Straka in May 2018 has been deleted. Straka made the announcement on Twitter on Friday. The movement went viral, especially in 2020 during the election season, and at the time of it's disappearance, had over 500K people who 'walked' and many more followers--most of whom were former Democrats or liberals.

The page encouraged people who were fed up or unhappy with the party or liberal policies to "walk away." The majority of the posters and walkaways voiced support for President Trump.

 Straka told the Washington Examiner online he had a dozen paid employees in his organization, and many more volunteers.  A check of the page shows it, and it's 500K likes-follows-posts gone.

Then on Saturday, Spokane area State House Rep and GOP activist Matt Shea posted on his Facebook page that the Twitter account of the church he attends and works with, Covenant Church, had their Twitter account suspended for posting sermons. The church also offers services in Moses Lake.  No other specifics were given but this image was posted on his Facebook page with the news.

twitter suspension (Covenant Church)
twitter suspension (Covenant Church)


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