A petition on change.org is demanding the shutdown of the Tyson Food Processing plant near Wallula, after some 89 workers have reportedly tested positive for COVID-19.

Tyson had closed a plant in Columbia Junction, Iowa after 24 workers tested  positive. The plant processes pork.

The petition calls for a two week shutdown of the facility for cleaning as well as claims from some that the plant might have have adequate protection for workers. Tyson officials say they've greatly stepped up cleaning and screening procedures to ensure safety.  The plant itself, say health officials, is safe but it's the workers who seem to be spreading the virus.

The petition has about 1,300 signatures. Walla Walla Health District officials indicate they recognize what a two week shutdown could do, in addition to workers off the job, numerous other states would face shortages as this plant processes food for numerous areas.

The petition will reportedly be delivered to the Mayors of various cities in the area.

To see the petition page, click on the button below.

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