Earlier this week, during Inslee's press conference about pressing to re open schools, he mentioned a new OSPI-DOH COVID testing program being run in schools.

Inslee said the pilot program began with 13 school districts, were optional COVID testing was offered for teachers, students and staff. Inslee said this was being done to increase safety and build confidence in teachers, parents and students that classrooms are safe for hybrid or in person instruction. He said  "expanding testing assistance" would be given to Districts in the coming days.

Now, we've learned the Pasco School District will be one of the 50 Districts who will offer testing as the program expands.

The Department of Health has teamed up with Health Commons to provide the testing. Pasco SD officials say it is still being set up, and a lot of factors will being worked out. The testing, says Commons, is voluntary, and each District will have it's program tailored or 'tweaked' to fit it's own situation.

Health Commons is a regional collaboration of a number of WA health providers and entities, including UW Medicine, Olympic Community Health, and other groups.

No official hard date given yet for when the PSD testing will begin.



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