As one eastern media outlet put it,  "No gouda!"

Fortunately no injuries including the driver were reported, but the mess!  Early Wednesday Tennessee Department of Transportation workers had probably the strangest cleanup in a long time.

A semi-truck hauling an estimated 40,000 lbs. of macaroni and cheese tipped over while trying to negotiate a ramp, and it pretty much all ended up on the road.

The crash occurred near the intersection of Interstates 24 and 40 by Nashville. The mess was expected to be cleaned up by noon or early afternoon, eastern time.

Thousands of children in the area were said to be distraught, others were asking "was it Velveeta, or the "other guys?"

The Interstates near Nashville had not been good to food lately according to FOX17 TV Nashville;  recently a truck hauling pumpkin pies caught fire, as did a truck carrying thousands of pounds of frozen (then barbequed!) chicken.  Bet the area smelled pretty good for a while.

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