Rattlesnake Ridge 1 Year Later: Slowing, Changing Direction
After triggering widespread panic in some circles, it's been discovered the huge hillside slide known as Rattlesnake Ridge is actually slowing and changing direction.
Now, this doesn't mean it won't ever slide or come down. But after nearly a year since it's discovery by a pilot flying over the hill …
Dead Body Found Alongside I-82 Near Prosser
Wednesday afternoon, Benton County Sheriff's responded to a call from a driver who reported seeing a body lying next to the chain link fence that borders the interstate, just East of Prosser.
Deputies responded, and found the person, believed to be a male between the ages of 55-70...
Fire Near Umatilla Weapons Depot Closes I-82
Although the fire has closed Interstate 82 near the junction with I-84, it poses no threat to any chemical weapons, because they're no longer stored at the site. Interstate was still closed as of 1:30pm Monday  near Washington border due to smoke.

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