After triggering widespread panic in some circles, it's been discovered the huge hillside slide known as Rattlesnake Ridge is actually slowing and changing direction.

Now, this doesn't mean it won't ever slide or come down. But after nearly a year since it's discovery by a pilot flying over the hill (he saw the crack in the hillside) monitors show the massive 'slice' of slope has slowed, and is actually shifting away from the Interstate.

Initially it was feared the side of the hill could come rumbling down on I-82, and nearby homes, but now it's slowly inching it's way towards the south, and a nearby quarry.

The slide was moving at a rate of about 1.6 feet at it's peak in January, but then starting in May, began to slow, until now it's barely moving at all.

Initially, the 'speed' of it's movement and uncertainty about how to most accurately monitor and react to this development lead many to believe a disaster was eminent. But officials say some of that was because few places on earth have ever dealt with a 'slow moving' or creeping potential hill slide. Most of the study and monitoring occurs AFTER massive slides occur. This is a chance to study a potential slide that may, or may not, ever happen.


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