The Benton Fairgrounds mass vaccination site is due to close down sometime going into or during Memorial Day weekend.

According to sources, infrastructure is now in place (says BFHD) to allow people many more options to get shots.

Also, over the last month, while people are still getting vaccines, the pace has gradually slowed. If you want to go faster you can make an appointment, but they have not been necessary for weeks.  That differs greatly from January and February when lines were long.

Those who wanted it got it, those who did not, didn't.

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But now we're seeing an uptick in vaccinations for children ages 12-15.  According to officials at the site, last week for Tuesday and Wednesday (the data we got) showed 233 minors. Of those, 162 were children ages 12-15. 

Officials have commented at the Fairgrounds they are seeing increased activity at this age group.

The rest were over 15 and under 21. Weeks ago, when vaccines were cleared for anyone 16-and-older, officials expected a rush. While the numbers did rise, it was nowhere near what state officials expected.

That's part of the reason why Inslee is pushing his vaccination sections and incentive programs for people to get the shot.

But we appear to be seeing movement in the 12-15 range, at least here in the Mid-Columbia.  Come this weekend, it will be more difficult to obtain demographic data because the Fairgrounds site will be closing down.


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