Love it or hate it the snow is here, whether it is here for a day or here to stay you are either loving it or coping with it, like me. However if you are Chuck Hall, not only do you love it, you love to rub it in! I am certain he has been doing the snow dance and attempting to ruin my life! As I warmed my car up and prepared to make the 30 minute commute home I scrolled through Facebook only to discover Chuck's taunting post! It went a little something like this.... Actually it went EXACTLY like this, word for word...

"Shoot, I can't believe it's snowing, rats, darn it...dumb snow, all slippery and cold. Stop it I say, for the love of it all!!! I say come on spring, please hurry so we can all be sweaty and warm.........Said Chuck , NEVVVEEERRRRR!!!!!! Suck it winter haters. OK i'm done, sorry, it's been a while. Have a good evening Facers"

Then, he posted this photo of the snowfall in the front of his home.


I say, curse you Chuck Hall and quit with all your happy crap and stop trying to ruin my life!! Love ya, regardless, but stop already!


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