HAPO Center (HAPO Center Facebook)
HAPO Center (HAPO Center Facebook)

A source  from Clubhouse Sports Academy has provided information regarding statements made by the owner-coach of the Tri-City Rush indoor football team Thursday Oct. 27th, regarding their situation for  the upcoming season.

Clubhouse disputes claims made by the Tri City Rush concerning their 'losing' use of the HAPO Center Arena.

 Clubhouse says they signed a 2-year contract with the  HAPO Center in June, 2022

Thursday, October 27th the Rush released a statement via their Facebook social media page saying they were  having to leave HAPO Center as their home field. The statement included in part:

 "Clubhouse sports who had initially agreed to partner with the Rush for future seasons and activities has now decided they do not want the Rush to use the HAPO Center arena."

The Rush referred to Clubhouse as a partner, but did not specify in what capacity.

Clubhouse Sports says Rush operated on one-year contracts, and did not have one in place for 2023.

The Clubhouse source says the Rush had one-year contracts to use the indoor arena  at the HAPO Center for their first two years. Following their championship win game in the AWFL (American West Football League) title game, Clubhouse says the Rush contract expired. Clubhouse then signed a two-year lease in June  2022. The two-year lease will allow Clubhouse to open a multi-use youth sports team training and event facility. It will include using the Arena for basketball, soccer, baseball and softball games (on a smaller indoor field) and other activities including training.

It also gives them operational control for the arena facility.

The Rush, in their statement from owner-coach Brendan Tate, referred to Clubhouse Sports  Academy as a "partner."  However, the  Clubhouse source said  the only partnership with the Rush was a 50/50 split on the team's artificial turf playing surface.

These surfaces are portable and can be moved, or used in other facilities.

Clubhouse Sports also said the Rush knew well in advance, due to the new two-year lease, the football team would not have use of the facility for 2023.

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