College radio has always been a largely free-form expression of music, opinions, and the proving ground for many a radio announcer--we at Newstalk 870 fondly remember KWRS at Whitworth College.  It's also often party time!

Officials at WCDB have "locked out" the late night DJ's, and the station will now be automated during those hours (unmanned) because University of Albany officials (the school to which the station is licensed by the FCC) discovered the DJ's were smoking pot and drinking during their airshifts!

University of Albany campus police discovered eight students smoking pot at the station April 14th between 3:45 and 4am.  Oddly enough, the show airing at that time is called "Funky Corner" featuring hip hop, funk, and soul--hey brother, pass that  doobie over here!

The station may go "dark" or off the air during the late night hours (after 12am weekdays and 2am weekends) or more likely, it will be automated.  The delivery system used by the station apparently allows for remote control or operation of the station from outside the studio--a fairly common procedure.   Besides the pot and alcohol issues, though, more importantly is the FCC licensing issue.  The Federal Communications Commission will not view this incident lightly when it comes time for the University to renew the license for the non-commercial station.

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