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By a narrow 6-5 vote, a bill proposing inter-state marijuana trade between WA and OR passed a State House Committee.

  House Bill (HB) 1159 would allow across-border pot trade

According to The Center Square and the text of the bill, HB 1159 is “an act relating to interstate cannabis agreements."

The House Committee on Regulated Substances and Gaming narrowly passed it to send on to the floor for a possible vote, by a 6-5 margin that went along party lines.

But the bill might be getting ahead of itself. The text itself states the bill would not take effect until the federal government either allows interstate pot commerce-business, or the US Department of Justice issues a memorandum or other official statement allowing such a practice.

The specific purpose of the bill was not laid out in detail, except that it would allow interstate commerce and business between licensed pot shops in both states. Presumably, this would be to boost sales, but that was not specifically detailed.

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The end of this week is the cutoff date for bills to make it to the floor for House votes, we will see if it makes it to the Senate and beyond.


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