A Connell City councilwoman and mayor pro-tem is in the Franklin County Jail facing embezzlement charges.

Embezzlement seems to be running rampant in Franklin County lately. Former Public Works Administrator Dennis M. Huston is awaiting trial for allegedly stealing several million dollars from the county over many years. Now a Connell councilwoman is facing similar charges.

59-year-old Monica L. Pruett did the bookkeeping for D&S Farms in Mesa, WA, and is accused of taking at least $100,000 from the business. Pruett owns and operates Lierman Business Services and became the subject of a summer-long investigation by Franklin County detectives after they received a complaint from farm officials.

Officials did not elaborate on when or how the alleged embezzlement took place. She was booked into the Franklin County Jail on first-degree theft and embezzlement charges.

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