Tired of dealing what are referred to as "breakfast boats" about 79% of the inmates at the Coyote Ridge Correctional Facility in Connell have gone on a hunger strike.

According to sources, including the Spokesman Review Newspaper, some 1,721 inmates have now joined the effort, out of about 2,000 total.

The minimum security facility serves a combination of foods in a cardboard tray similar to the ones you get a large order of fries or nachos, it's called a breakfast boat. It usually includes powdered milk, peanut butter and jelly sandwich, bran bar, cereal and water is available as well.

As far back as 2015, the state's prison system began to do away with hot meals that were served cafeteria style, some officials say similar complaints and issues have popped up at other correctional facilities as well. For more details on the issue click here.

Our only comment on the issue is, A) they are being fed a somewhat well-rounded breakfast, and B) stay out of prison and you can go do Denny's for a Grand Slam.

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