According to sources, there have been such allegations in the past, that Seattle Mayor Ed Murray has allegedly abused teens, some of these claims going back to the 80's. Murray has fought them and nothing ever came of the situation.

But now  for the first time a formal lawsuit has been filed, according to the Seattle Times. Murray cancelled a public appearance Thursday after the story was first published.

Two men, says the times, have made similar allegations that Murray, in his 30's, abused them in the 1980's when they were growing up in Portland center for troubled teens. These men, Jeff Simpson and Lloyd Anderson, said they would testify in court if necessary. They also brought up the allegations ten years ago, says the Times.

Both men claimed Murray abused them sexually. Simpson reportedly talked to a policeman and social worker, but no charges were ever filed.

The man in the lawsuit, only identified as "D.H." claimed that Murray began to abuse him when he was 15, in 1986 and he was a school dropout. He claims the abuse happened when he was addicted to crack cocaine, and the abuse involved sex acts that took place often in Murray's Capitol Hill area apartment, and involved payments of money between $10 and $20.

Murray's attorney claims the charges and lawsuit are targeted at the Mayor who will be seeking re-election this fall. He also blames right wing forces for dredging up the allegations.   When Murray, now 61, was in college, he worked at a center for troubled youth called the Parry Center, where he reported met at least one of the accusers.

The lawsuit contains explicit details of Murray's apartment, lifestyle, and even physical descriptions that D.H. says prove his claims are true.

Murray has made a name for himself as an outspoken mayor who supports very liberal and often controversial issues.  You can read more details about this developing story by clicking here.

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