It's been a boon for Costco for years and now Costco is going to be clamping down on memberships in the food court area. If you don't use a membership card in the court, the days of you not showing the card is coming to a close.

We love Costco's cheap hot dogs and pizza and have long enjoyed eating in the food court without flashing the membership card but it looks like that is all coming to an end.

It's always been a requirement to have a Costco membership card when eating in the food court but starting in March, Costco is going to start enforcing the card rule.

According to a Costco spokesperson, starting in March, Costco will require you to have an active membership to visit the food court.

It costs about $60 a year for a basic membership. You can check out more details on the changes here

So what do you think? is this a good thing or a bad thing?

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