As predicted, in the wake of the tragic Umpqua Community College shooting in Roseburg, Oregon, a chorus of voices began calling for more gun control laws. Instead of bemoaning the loss of life, or asking what led the shooter to do what he did, President Obama instead called for new gun laws. But the Douglas County Sheriff says that won't work, and he offers better ideas.

As an opponent of un-Constitutional gun laws, Sheriff John Hanlin has been on the record a number of times opposing universal backround checks, registration that goes well beyond current federal standards, and has been quoted as saying he will not "infringe" upon the Constitutional rights of the citizens in his county.

Instead, in the wake of the shooting, he is focusing on cracking down on criminals and known felons who try to get weapons, and better efforts towards people with unmanaged mental health issues.

Hanlin told a legislative committee in March of this year backround check mandates won't stop criminals from obtaining firearms. So far, in this instance, he has also stood his ground.

The shooter, who's name Hanlin said he won't even dignify by saying publicly, was 26-year-old Chris Mercer. Reports indicate he suffered from mental health issues, and reportedly had sought previous treatment.

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