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The Oregon Department of Agriculture has announced six more species are being added to the Endangered Species list.

  Six more plant species have been added

After a lengthy periodic review involving officials at the Federal level, as well as WA, OR, CA, Idaho and local Oregon governments-citizens, the list was compiled.

According  to ODFW, the species are:

Castilleja mendocinensis (Eastw.) Pennell – Mendocino coast paintbrush;
Lasthenia ornduffii R. Chan – Large-flowered goldfields;
Lomatium bentonitum K. Carlson & Mansfield – bentonite biscuitroot;
Penstemon hesperius M. Peck – Tall western penstemon;
Pyrrocoma scaberula Greene – Rough goldenweed;
Rorippa columbiae (B. L. Rob.) Howell – Columbia yellowcress"

Some of them are pictured here.


Oregon Dept. of Ag
Oregon Dept. of Ag

This list follows the adding of 13 plant species to the list in 2023.  According to ODA:

"Effective May 3rd, 2024, it is unlawful to take, import, export, purchase, sell, collect material from, store, preserve, possess, cultivate, propagate, knowingly transport, or attempt any of these actions for any of the above listed plants on non-federal public land in Oregon without a written permit."

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