The US Marshals Service, who are experts at finding people regardless of who they are or where they are located, have successfully completed another child location sweep.

  The program is called Operation We Will Find You is reporting this was the second such operation, dubbed Operation We Will Find You 2.

It began on May 20th to June 24th. It involved hundreds of Marshals, and other LE agents sweeping the nation, exhausting leads, and locating a lot of missing children.

One of the clusters searched by LE was in the Portland area. US Marshals said efforts were concentrated in areas where they have known trafficking and missing person activity.

According to

"On May 21, a 12-year-old girl went missing from her home in Portland and had reported allegations of sexual abuse by family members, according to the DOJ. Officers were able to contact the girl through her cell phone and she agreed to meet them at a nearby grocery store.

Officers then got a call from the girl and a friend saying her father was trying to pull her into his car and she was scared. USMS investigators intervened and separated the girl from her estranged father. The girl then told officers two Hispanic men had raped her and that her father had touched her inappropriately.

The girl was recovered on May 24 and put into a foster home while the Oregon Department of Human Services investigated the allegations."

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She is one of nearly 200 missing teens and children who were located and recovered.

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