Intuit Turbo Tax will be notifying at least 12,000 Oregon taxpayers about how to amend their returns after a glitch caused them to lose money.

   Error in the tax computation process

Intuit is the parent company of Turbo Tax, and they said this week some mistakes in their software will have to be fixed.

The errors caused, or advised, at least 12,000 Oregon taxpayers to take the state's standard deduction, when itemizing actually would have saved them money.

According to Oregon Live:

"In a separate statement Thursday, Intuit claimed that TurboTax’s blunder affected only “a small number of customers.” The company said it is “actively engaging with those filers impacted to ensure their returns are correct and that they receive the maximum refund they are owed."

Intuit did not specify how much was overpaid, but some taxpayers told Oregon Live they learned they overpaid by several hundred dollars. If you figure that vs. the 12,000 taxpayers, it could add up to several million dollars.

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Nearly all the affected taxpayers were using Intuit's desktop Turbo Tax service instead of its online program.

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