According to Beef Magazine, a new USDA program will create a pilot plan to help livestock farmers in three western states.

   Program will provide outreach to cattle farmers in OR, CA, and Idaho

Hoof and mouth disease, or foot in mouth, (FMD) is still widely found in the rest of the world among what are called cloven-hoof (cattle mainly) animals. It was discovered in the US in 1970, but eradicated by 1929 and has not returned---yet.

Now, a new program from the USDA is hoping to keep it that way, as well as with other diseases. According to Beef Magazine:

 "The goal of a new project led by Oregon State University Extension Service is to create a fast-acting information network among Cooperative Extension agents and veterinarians in the departments of agriculture in three western states – Oregon, California, and Idaho – to prepare for foreign diseases such as FMD."

The program will enhance biosecurity, and help with the mitigation of foreign diseases in these animals. With the recent spread of the H5N1 virus, officials and farmers say it's a good idea. According to Beef Magazine:

"The Beef Quality Assurance program, developed by the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, is meant to promote safe and wholesome beef. Major beef packing plants require Best practices taught in the BQA curriculum inherently mitigate risks and maximize profits for cattle producers."

The program hopes to reach at least 500 farmers-ranchers in its first phase.

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