Authorities in Ellensburg say a Kittitas County Sheriff's office worker is in jail after being arrested late Wednesday night on variety of charges. Unusual ones.

28-year-old Kallee Knudsen is facing charges for allegedly trying to hire people to commit seveal crimes, including first-degree kidnapping and assault.

A multi-week investigation turned up evidence against her after she was arrested. She was nabbed around midnight as she was entering a victim's home, said Kittitas County Sheriff's Deputie and Ellensburg police.  She'd been with the department for 5 years.

Her bail was posted at $350,000 and she is on paid administrative leave pending a review of the charges and a further investigation. She is also facing charges of false reporting and residential burglary and possession of a controlled substance. According to the Ellensburg Daily Record News, she had Oxycodon pills in her pocket.

The investigation began after a January 25th incident in which a victim reported her phone was stolen by a man at her home. Turns out he and another man were allegedly working for Knudsen. She reportedly told the men to scare the victim, with whom she used to be friends with but had a falling out. There were several other related incidents as well. One of the men she 'hired' decided to turn to authorities and began 'working' with them, providing information about Knudsen's next move. That's how officials were able to be waiting for her and arrest her.


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