During the early stages of the Pandemic, restaurants and bars in WA state were allowed to make deliveries of alcoholic drinks to patrons, provided they're over the age of 21.

This was due to restaurants being closed for indoor service by Gov. Inslee. While many offered curbside pickup, it quickly became apparent that many people wanted the same kind of deliveries offered by Doordash or Uber Eats when it came to their booze.

Now, Gov. Inslee is expected to sign a bill that easily passed the legislature, allowing this practice to continue for two more years into 2023.

House Bill (HB) 1480 will allow full service eateries who have the proper liquor license to provide cocktails in sales containers for pickup or delivery. This will also apply to breweries, distilleries, and wineries as well.

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The bill does require these establishments to apply for a special Liquor Control endorsement, but according to supporters and legislative sources; there's a large demand for it.

Part of the bill as well requires beginning in 2022 that Liquor Control will have to engage in a study looking at the effects of 'liquor to go' as well as it's impact on underage consumption. It will also examine the effects of 'booze to go' on driving and accidents.

One thing the bill changes from the original deliveries of alcohol from last year is that these establishments can now sell actual drinks, instead of just 'kits' (alcohol included) that consumers used to make their own libations.

Some opponents of the measure are wary of the effects this will have on increasing alcohol consumption.  Once signed by Gov. Inslee, it will go into effect immediately.


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