Some of it is due to changing practices, zoom meetings, etc. some of it due to COVID travel and business restrictions.

Either way, the American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA) says the industry is expected to close 2021 being down $59 billion dollars as opposed to 2019 numbers.

Trips are being canceled, reduced or postponed, some of it still due to COVID concerns. As for jobs in the industry, it's expected to close the year with some 500K fewer jobs than in 2019.

AHLA and Kalibri Labs did a recent survey looking at many aspects of the industry. They found that while many industries are rebounding, the hotel business and workers are still struggling.

The ten cities reported by the AHLA who are projected to lose the most business hotel revenue include New York, Washington D.C. and San Francisco (1-2-3) as well as Chicaco and L.A.

The ten states that are projected to lose the most include CA, Florida, New York (1-2-3) as well as Illinois, Massachusetts, and Nevada.

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As for the Pacific Northwest, Seattle lands at #14 for the most lost hotel business travel revenue, while Portland comes in at #25. Seattle's revenue dropped 85 percent vs. 2019, while Portland 74%.

Some of that, however, especially for Portland, can be attributed to the violence and rioting that's taken place the last two years, and Seattle had to deal with CHOP.

Those incidents, as well as climbing crime rates, have caused many businesses and industries to move conventions and meetings away from the two cities.

To see the actual chart with losses by way of Kalibri Labs, click on the button below.


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