Stanfield Police

Stanfield, OR police and other LE units continue the search for the driver of this wayward Jeep Cherokee.

Information released by the department indicates on Sunday morning, around 10:20 AM a Stanfield officer tried to pull over this rig for a traffic violation. But instead the driver, who was alone in the vehicle, blasted away and headed down what police called some 'scenic' roads just outside of town.

Stanfield Police

The driver rammed through a fence, plowed across a watermelon field, destroying dozens of melons, then continue to increase speed. For safety reasons the officer broke off the pursuit.

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But the dogged driver kept racing away at breakneck speed. Officers from Stanfield and other units began to patrol areas further away in the direction the driver was headed.

Stanfield Police

About five miles from where the pursuit ended, the Jeep driver had apparently not slowed down and dumped their rig into a large irrigation canal, then fled.

The waterlogged vehicle was retrieved from the canal and impounded, minus all the parts that came off during the excursion through the farmer's field. The investigation continues.


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