Talk about not paying attention. A pedestrian on a bicycle was hit trying to cross the street in Kennewick even after the cross walk lights were illuminated.

Kennewick Police reported that the accident happened in the area of W. Clearwater Ave and N. Arthur St. and they chronicled the accident below.

Witnesses in the area said that a 28 year old female was attempting to cross over W. Clearwater Ave near N. Arthur St in a marked crosswalk on her bicycle when an eastbound vehicle failed to yield to her.

Witnesses indicated that the flashing yellow lights were illuminated and that all other traffic had stopped. The driver of the vehicle was unable to stop and collided with female.

She was transported to the hospital with what appear to be non-life threatening injuries.

Talk about a scary situation, luckily this wasn't a horrific situation for the driver of the vehicle and the pedestrian will be OK but it's a reminder to slow down and be vigilant and aware when you are driving.

I can't wait to hear about the rest of the story and find out what the driver was up to.