In a great example of truth being stranger than fiction, I learned today the town of Nederland, Colorado, has an annual celebration the first weekend in March to celebrate the frozen Norwegian man illegally preserved in their town.

Frozen Dead Guys Days was inspired by the bizarre story of Bredo Morstøl. Shortly after his death in 1989 his grandson Trygve Bauge brought the body (preserved with dry ice for the trip) to America. It was stored in liquid nitrogen in a cyronics facility in California from 1990 to 1993, but then moved to Nederland, Colorado, where Trygve and his mother Aud kept him on dry ice. They intended to build a cyronics facility of their own (without permission from the town) -- but apparently couldn't even manage to finish their own living quarters. Bredo has been under ice in a Tuff Shed ever since.

In 2002 local event planners invented "Frozen Dead Guy Days" to celebrate the start of spring. Events include polar bear swims, snow shoe races, snow volleyball, and a variety of morbid activities including coffin races and dead-guy-themed foods and beverages. The art for the event is truly unique.

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