What's going on with his page (Loren Culp Facebook)
What's going on with his page (Loren Culp Facebook)







We're hearing conflicting news coming from this story.

Culp Reportedly informed his Congressional page being deplatformed

On April 11th we reported Culp had received word from Facebook that his page was being closed, or de-platformed.  Then, the Seattle Times claimed he fell for a Phishing scheme.

The Times said the email or contact from Facebook contained spelling errors and was likely a scam. They pointed to similar situations on other pages.

  However, Friday, Culps Congressional page is nowhere to be found

I spent considerable time searching throughout Faceback and the Culp for Congress Facebook page no longer exists.  The Times claimed as of Wednesday night was still active, but as of Friday morning, we cannot find it.

If you simply type in "Culp" the first entry you get is his 'old' archived Culp for Governor page, that was archived after the election in 2020.

If you type in "Loren Culp", you get a link to his personal page, which apparently he's modified with reference to him being the Congressional Candidate 4th District (seeking to unseat Dan Newhouse).

If you type in Culp for Congress, you get nothing, except Bikers for Loren Culp, and then further down links to his personal page

  We put in a call Friday to his Assistant Campaign Manager, but have not heard back yet, asked for the latest information they know.

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Based upon empirical data, what we can see, read, hear etc,  it does appear his Congressional page has disappeared. Why we don't have a concrete answer. But this certainly tips the scales towards the deplatforming side, and casts doubts on the Seattle Time theory. 

It would not be a surprise if Culp's endorsement from Trump and his mutual endorsements and support from Alaska Congressional Candidate Sara Palin tripped the algorithms at Facebook, and 'alerted' them to his page.  Based on their treatment of Trump,  it would not be unusual for persons or groups who are 'close' to him to be deleted.

We will update you with more details as they become available.


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