Nearly every Spokane native will tell you this is the best fast-food burger in town.

My family took an impromptu day trip to Spokane. We had just bought a new car and had been wanting to go on a nice road trip. In the days leading up to our adventure, we made a list of things we wanted to do while we were in town. Being a burger fan, I was adamant we save some time (and room) for a stop at Dick's Hamburgers. I had always enjoyed my experience there and not having one in Tri-Cities made a visit to Dick's a no-brainer for me.

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As the day grew longer, I became hungrier. By the time 6 o'clock rolled around, I was officially in "hangry" territory and I could not wait to sink my teeth into some Dick's. We plotted our course, missed a turn (those damned one-way streets, I tell you), and arrived at the fabled drive-in. I was excited to see an empty parking lot, but I should have known better. When we pulled into a parking stall, we were greeted by a sign saying, "Sorry, we're closed!" A quick search online informed me that Dick's was temporarily closed on Sundays because of a worker shortage. I couldn't believe it. Of all the stops on our trip, this was the one I was most excited about.

Dick's being closed was a blessing in disguise.

Sitting in the parking lot of Dick's, I started Googling for burgers in Spokane. As I kept scrolling, I became green with envy. Spokane has Dick's, Zips, and a place called D. Lish's. I didn't know what to expect with D. Lish's, was it a fast-food restaurant, or was it the kind of place that gives you a knife with your burger? If you know me well, you've probably heard me rant about how burgers being served with knives confuses me. I saw pictures of the burgers and I was in love. All I wanted was a non-big chain restaurant fast food experience. That's exactly what D. Lish's is.

Heaven nestled between two beautiful buns.

I walked in with optimism and walked out completely convinced I had just eaten the best burger in Washington state. I mean it, it was absolutely splendid. D. Lish's is the perfect mom & pop fast food experience and the food tastes amazing. You can smell it when you step out of your car. The fries are unlike anything I've ever had and the Pepsi machine with flavor shots was a nice touch. I found myself wishing for two things: that I had a bigger stomach so I could try all of their burgers, and that we had D. Lish's in Tri-Cities.

D. Lish's Hamburgers in Spokane May Be Washington's Best Burger

D. Lish's Hamburgers in Spokane has fulfilled my deepest fast food desires and is deserving of consideration for the title of Best Burger in Washington. Is it possible to see more locations open in Washington state?

I'm pretty confident in my assertion that this is the best burger in Washington state. You can tell me I'm wrong by shooting me a message on our app. A lot of people rave about walking up to Dick's Drive-In in Seattle. For the longest time, I thought Dick's in Spokane and Seattle were different locations of the same restaurant. I guess not all Dick's taste the same. We do have some really great burger spots in town like El Fat Cat Grill, Just Joel's, Baby J's, and the original Zip's Drive-In location.

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