It's girl scout cookie season and here's a reminder that not everyone wants to enjoy the cooking buying season and another reason to keep watch on your girls. A man in Seattle accosted a girl scouts cookie stand and robbed the young girls of their cash.

It happened Sunday night at a QFC near Northgate Way and Roosevelt. An 11 year old girl scout lost over $600 after a man raced over to the stand and grabbed the cash as the stand was closing. The girls where unharmed but shaken but the incident is a reminder that parents should be vigilant even around grocery stores that normally would be deemed safe.

According to witnesses, a man bought cookies for the stand and then returned later robbing the kids in a cash and grab. Witnesses believe the suspect was casing the cookie stand.

QFC is fully cooperating with the investigation and it appears the suspect may have been one of their customers. QFC has made a commitment to make sure the girls scouts get back their stolen $600.

You can check out more details on the story here 

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