It's about that time of year! Morels are playing hide and seek, but only a few want to be found right now!

Yesterday myself and "The Kevin" (inside joke) took a trip to the Blue Mountains to get out of town and hunt Morel mushrooms. It looked like we were going to be in luck when we first arrived, we found a good handful but unfortunately that luck ran out fast. We spent a good hour or so hunting but when we realized they just weren't ready to be found, we moved on to do some sight seeing and just soaking up the beautiful day.

The wild flowers were in bloom, the hillside was vibrantly green and alive with birds, bugs and wildlife. However, as we drove the four wheeler to higher elevation there was still quite a bit of snow. We saw tracks of all kinds of animals in the snow, such as moose, deer, elk and even cats!

There were also THOUSANDS of fish we came across in a pond just off one of the paths. But not your average fish! They were GOLDFISH!! Thousands and thousands of goldfish. Not sure who is responsible for these fish but it sure made my day to see a pond brightened up with colorful fishies!


It was a perfect, beautiful day and if you need your soul reset I highly recommend taking a drive to the blue mountains, hunting a few mushrooms, picking a few wildflowers and checking out the.... goldfish??