A very important reminder for everyone: Daylight Saving Time is on March 11th, so make sure you turn your clocks an hour ahead! But here is the real question: is it helpful?

A man by the name of George Hudson came up with the idea for Daylight Saving Time in 1895, and it was in 1918 when the United States implemented it to save energy during World War I. After removing it and implementing it again for the same reason, we deal with the clock change twice a year; once in the spring, and once in the fall.

Many people want to abolish it, as some studies have shown that DST can disrupt our sleep cycles (you may have noticed this), as well as our hunger cycle, hormone production, and melatonin production. On a more personal level, it causes people to be less happier and even less productive, possibly losing the U.S. up to $434 million. In the first week of DST, there is a spike in heart attacks and work related accidents. Some even claim that it does not even save energy like it should!

However, very few bother to oppose the idea. They say that life is more pleasurable being awake more in the evening than in the morning. Also, there is an increase of the intake of vitamin D, increase of exercise, increase of socializing, and improved mental health with sunlight. So once we get over the 'trauma' of having to get up an hour earlier, we should be ok!

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