Now that Decision 2012 is over, what's ahead?   What does, and what could, it mean?  Keep checking with  for our series "Where Do We Go From Here?".  Today, and over the next weeks, we will continue to bring you stories about how key issues in our nation, and state, could affect your future.

As of this moment, R-74 is winning, by a slim margin, but hundreds of thousands of votes still to be counted.   I-502, which legalizes marijuana in Washington state, passed.  Charter schools is holding a slim lead (I-1240).

One of the most unnoticed but important topics was Initiative 1185. For the fifth time, Washington voters have told the state legislature they must have a 2/3 majority in the state house and senate to pass tax increases.   This concept has already been before a judge, and will probably end up there again.

What will be the impact of Jay Inslee potentially winning the Governor's race?  As of this writing,  McKenna faced an uphill battle, trailing by about 50,000 plus votes.

We will take a look at these issues, and provide information and discussion about what is currently happening, and what could happen now that these events have been set in motion.   Keep watching for more "Where To We Go From Here?-Decision 2012" with

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