It appeared legislators were going to be able to get a budget hammered out, and we could avoid the potential shutdown of state services, like almost happened in 2014.

But apparently we are speeding towards that possibility again. Because of wrangling over a transportation package sought by Gov. Inslee and Democrats, legislators have not finished an overall budget. In all the fighting over transportation dollars, the rest of the budget hasn't been completed.

Legislators are currently in Olympia in an "overtime" session, trying to get things squared away.

In 2014, similar spending plans sought by Inslee that included new taxes were eventually stopped by Senate Republicans, and a July 1st shutdown was averted when the two sides came together to approve a state budget.

But although most officials don't believe some government services will stop, they are obligated to inform some 26,000 state workers they will be furloughed if a budget proposal is not reached and approved by 12:01am July 1st.

Critics say it doesn't bode well for Gov. Inslee to have this happen repeatedly during his early tenure as governor, they say it shows his unwillingness to listen to the demands of citizens by way of legislators, against his significant tax increases and bloated environmental proposals.

The drama will certainly continue, likely resulting in an 11th-hour fix that will prevent a shutdown. But until then, pass the popcorn and stay tuned...

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