Despite a movement in the other direction by such states as Alabama and South Carolina, these 11 WA legislators want to increase funding opportunities for undocumented college students.

Led by State Senator Marko Liias, whose district includes parts of Edmonds, Everett and Lynnwood WA, the bill (Senate Bill -SB- 6561) would create what would be called "The Undocumented Student Support Loan Program."

Currently, undocumented and non DACA students do have access to the Washington College Grant and a few other sources of financial aid. But without legal documentation these students are not allowed to take out Pell Grants and/or any other Federal aid.

This bill would create a new fund, available only to those non-documented and non DACA students in college or other post-secondary education.

The bill is currently being reviewed by education committees in the Senate, and is likely to receive stiff opposition from Republican Senators, as well as Representatives in the State House over it's companion Bill, HB 2801.

The bill would utilize state funds under the Office of Student Financial Assistance, which is part of the Washington Student Achievement Council.

To see a non-partisan synopsis of the bill and what it entails, click on the button blow.

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